This is the very famous app that can be launched in the 2020. Thai is the very best app that can
gave us All kind of the information to the US. This is the very nice app that can be help full in
our daily life. We can install this app on our Android phones only. We can not use this kinds of
the app on our computers system. We can only use it on our Android phones. We can use this
app very much on our daily life. We can use this app by using the internet. We can be very help
full in our daily life because this app can gave us the location to the peoples. We can use street
view live and GPS navigation and Earth maps to see our nearby places. We can easily visit any
nearby or far away place by using street view live and navigation and Earth maps to by seeing
our location and enter our destination and can do to our destination where we want to go. It
has no much enough complications that a common man can not understand it.

It has not enough requirements. Requirements are the basic thing which are needed to use any
thing. Every thing needs it’s requirements which are to be provided in every condition. Now
street view live and GPS navigation and Earth maps require Internet which is important for it.
Internet acts as the soul of street view live and GPS navigation and Earth maps. Without
Internet access this application never work out because it is its important condition of Internet
access. Now a days every application requires Internet access to work out and without Internet
access it never works. There are different ways to get Internet access. It is the basic
requirement o this type of apps which are to be provided. Internet is spread all over the world
now a days and everyone use it for their means. Different peoples have different means. Thus
Internet access is for all and in all poor people are also with rich peoples. Without Internet
there is no life on Internet.
How this application works?
This application works very easily. It do not require any account to be created on it. It only
requires the user current place and where he or she want to go. First user turn on his location
and it his or her current location. After telling his current location he or she tell the application
about their vehicle that their vehicle is a bicycle, car or a truck etc. Then the user tells its its
destination. This application tells the user total time which will be spend to cover up this
distance. It also shows the total distance to be cover up. It also shows directions to the user and
also tells about the nearby places.

Features and uses

It has different features which are very essential to every one. These features are very helpful
to all. These features are stated as under as written:

• Maps and navigation

It is one of the important features on GPS navigation and maps of this application. Through it
we can get access to any place or part of the earth without facing any difficulty as we think that

we do not know the way to that place. Mostly rich people use and refer GPS maps and
navigation system to get access any place where they want to go because this application
shows every thing which are required for travelling. Mostly this application is used to travel to
any place.

• Live Street views
This application shows live street view of the current location of the user. It shows all the
streets when the user is travelling to his destination. It tells all the details of the user travelling.
It also tells about the roads from which user is travelling and makes the user journey easy by
providing all the basic information to the user.

• GPS Compass
Yes it also has a compass to show the user that he is travelling in which direction whether the
direction is North, south, east or west. This helps the user to watch out his location and
direction where he is travelling. It clears all the problems of the user. It makes no need to ask
someone that where the road is going and etc. It tries its best to make the user journey as easy
as it can do.

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