MP3 is also called as audio player. It used to play audio songs, naats and tilawat etc. There are
different players which play audio data. MP3 player is also called as audio player. It is very
useful. Every one use it to play there dat and listen to it. It only plays audio data not any video
data. It is very useful to everyone. It is also present in every device. It plays all audio data.
Different people have different thinking. Some people like to watch videos they use video
player and video player is called as MP4 player. Some people only like to play audio data so
they use audio player. It depends on every person choice. Audio player can only play audio data
but it does not play video data. Many people’s want to listen songs in audio and naats or
bayans in video. It depends on every one choice. MP3 is a good player and is very best to play
audio data. Sometime ago audio data was promoted because video data was not clear and
every one like to play audio data. At that time, casets were use to play audio songs and naats
on tapes because they were considered as the best audio player gadgets. With the passage of
time, Science made many discoveries and they tried to improve video quality. They invented
best video recorders which have high graphics. There video quality was improved and people
get watching videos due to their high graphic result. In the old one time, video quality was bad
so no one watch videos. Videos were blurr and with the passage of time this blurriness was
improved through new cameras with high graphics. Now most people promote video data
because audio data get but old people now only promote audio data. MP3 player is best of all
to play video data. It is a very highly rating application. It has a very small size so that it can be
easily downloaded in any device. It’s size is about 7.9MB. It is easily available on Google play
store or app store and not have enough complications so that any one face difficulty to
understand it

Features of Music player – MP3 player

There are different features of audio music player. Now a days science has made enough
development that every application has enough features more than our thinking. It has many
features. If we start counting than we can not count its features. Every person use any
application by looking its features and then use it. Without any feature no one use any
application or any thing of world. Everything should have features so everyone like it and use it

• Audio Cutter or Audio Editor

It is one of the most important features of any music player or audio player. For ecmxample,
sometime audio data have some problem on voice or sometime there is some intruptting voice
in the audio the people use audio cutter to cut or delete intruptting voice from the audio and
make it a clear and perfect audio. Audio player is the best of all. Every application must have

any feature due to which it is liked by every one. This audio music player is liked due to its audio
music cutter and ringtone cutter and HD audio music player.

• HD or Smooth Audio Music Player

It is also very important feature that it provides a smooth and clear voice. It is very best music
player. It gives us full clear voice. It is very best. It is liked by users due to its smooth and clear
audio. People only like this type of audio music which is clear in voice. Now a days there are so
many audio players introduced so it is very difficult to choose the right and best audio music
player. The best is MUSIC PLAYER-MP3 PLAYER. It is best of all. It’s sound quality is best so that
every one promote it and use it and share it with their families so that it become popular music

• Ringtone Cutter

It is also one of the important features of the audio music player. Ringtone cutter is best.
Sometimes some people like any audio in the music than they use this ringtone cutter to cut
that audio and set it as their device alarm or ring tone. So it us also an important feature. We
can also make our own audio music and can set it through this player. It is a very highly rating
app or application.

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